It's me.

So I'm posting because LJ makes me. So. Hello there. It's me. I miss having a blog. Is all.

Will write more soon.

Writer's Block: Past the expiration date


to see what's in my refrigerator right now ill have to go back to my dorm. because when i'm home, i dont really know.

i think we have some very old milk. last year, though, we had packed lunch that sat there, wrapped, for about six months. it was disgusting to throw it away in spring cleaning. *shudders*

Writer's Block: You should have been there
huh. tough one.  i mean, there are so many events i wish id attend.

#1 discovery of America (and while in discoveries, also the discovery of AC. great invention, really).

#2 the begining of the rock music! \m/ (the beatles, actually. the day they became the hottest band ever)

#3 my parent's wedding. it could have been awesome. ^^

#4 when god gave the bible to the Jewish people.

#5 i wish i just had the Doctor's TARDIS; then id be able to visit everywhen, you know? :P


I have to admit that this is definitely weird. I just returned home from an engagement party of a very good friend of mine. She dated the guy for, I don’t know, about a month or maybe two, and now they decided to get married.


I know. It might be a little too fast, but among my people (ha. This is sound as if I live on some other, far-away planet *amused*), to date for a month or two counts as a very long time. Usually it takes about seven to ten dates to know that this is it, and these dates take about three weeks, tops. But anyways. I kind of--- well, yeah.


Anyways. So lately, a lot of my friends are either getting engaged or already getting married. And... well. I'm not saying I am not happy for them. I am totally am. But—I'm already 22. And I dated only three times – with three different men, of course. Two out of three were a total disaster. The other one was okay, but. Well. Not for me. I am kind of… special. I guess. *chuckle*


So my ex-roommate got engaged. And a girl I used to study with in college. And a very good friend of mine got married about a month ago. And my little sister got married, too. Also other girls from my college and my year. And me? Little old me just stay in my place and not even date.


God, how did I even get to this subject? I just wanted to talk about the entire marriage thing. *blush* I got distracted.


It's not like I'm very petty and want Prince Charming (capital letters on purpose). I mean, yeah, I DO, but—not like that. Although if you ask my friends they will definitely say that I am hallucinating and daydreaming about the prince on the white horse to come and sweep me off my feet, and that we'll live happily ever after. Yes, I do dream about that, but I kind of sobered up already about that. I know that three dates aren’t a lot to decide upon, but. Yeah, I guess I had my share in bad luck with guys. Sometimes they just. Just. That's it. *smiles*


And I want my prince. When I was younger I had this Dream Guy. He had to be taller than me (not very much to ask, I am 158 centimeters, which means 5'2'', so, yeah), will have blue or green eyes, fair hair, lean, pretty, dark hair, freckles (yes, I was THAT picky *embarrassed*), dimples… the whole shebang. But I guess I kind of grew out of it, in a way. I don’t mean I'd like someone to look like Rumpelstiltskin, but I want him to be decent looking, you know?


Ugh, I just keep SPEWING. ><''


So yeah. I'm happy for my friends. I can't stop smiling when they are near me, or when I hear that they get engaged. I'm a girl, I just squee and squeal and going all "ohmygod I am so happy!!!!!!! When did that happened? What's his name? how does he look like?" and so on, but basically it's more like: "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod she got engaged! He proposed!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!" and, uh, yeah. Pretty much.


But I can't not feel that stupid, bittersweet gnawing thing in my gut that keep saying, "but what about YOU?" and makes me feel horrible about myself.


It will pass. I hope. Right? *hopeful*

Writer's Block: Turn and face the strain
What is the biggest major life change you've made in the past five years? Do you think it was positive, negative, or neutral?

the biggest major life change i've made in the past five years? well, number one winner is my decision to quit my computer degree and move to English B.Ed instead. which might look like it has nothing to do with each other - from science to humanities, and, yeah. so.

it's because i guess i didnt fit there, in computers. and, er, it was kind of difficult. and they kicked me out because i-- *blushes* well. i was addicted to this boy band at the time, and i saved their pix on my user name, and they are so religious so they got very upset and angry and say i am a bad influence and expelled me for two weeks. after that - who'd wanna come back anyway? so i decided to move on. in any case i WANTED to move on. i had to.
so i looked for other colleges and-- found myself in this really amazing place, with awesome people and amazing professors and great staff... and that's it. my biggest major life change.

and i'm so glad i made this change. 'casue i really needed it. and now i'm-- content with my life. in a way.

LJ? what's an LJ?

Nah, only kidding about the title.

So. One of the reasons for even GETTING an LJ was to-- er. Okay. I admit it. I don't have a very good reason. I can't even blame it on the need to write everything, because I do it in any way (running a diary for almost eight years now and a blog for almost five years. So, yeah). And i just noticed that even though I'm here since-- God. Er, since--- *checks my email* ohmygod, June 2007, I started to actually participate this year. I guess SPN spoiled me a little. *giggles*

Anyways. I hope it's the beginning of a brand new start. Can I introduce myself? (But to who? Who's gonna read it? Oh, well. Whatever *shrugs*)
So my name is Tali (unique, I KNOW ^^), but some knows me as Snogs. Long story. (Okay, not that long: I have another name, Noga - it means Venus in Hebrew - and, uh, i got this nickname: Nogs. And then it became Snogs. Yeah). I'm 22-year-old. Which sometimes actually makes me feel really old, and sometimes not so much (especially when random people tell me I look 15-16. Haha. *smug*).


No, this is boring. I'll just tell you about myself the way i know the best: writing whatever comes to my mind. So I became this huge fan of SPN, because, hello, did you even SEE Jared and Jensen? So, yeah. They're hot. And cute. And i love them both.
And I really love science fiction, too! And to read. i have, like, 85 books of my own at home. But that's not interesting.
I'm studying English. To become a teacher of it. Although i dont really want to be one.
And. Um. Okay. Boring. *blushes*
Just wanted to have one real entry in this thing, and look what I ended up with: this really lame entry. But I'll post it anyway. Because I'm such an awesome girl.

See you around. (Or not. Your call.)

Writer's Block: Between the slices
whenever i come back from college, after i was away from home the entire week, i just go to the kitchen and make this HUGE sandwich.
it has tomatoes, avocado, hummus, soya schnitzel (or sausages!), ketchup, mustard, cabbage... wow, it does sound weird, but i assure you, it's sooo good. *-*

Writer's Block: Meanwhile, back on the ranch ...
Have you ever made an important life decision (such as where to work or attend school) based on purely emotional factors, even though you knew it was not the best choice for you? Would you do it again?

um. happened too many times. especially this vacation, when i returned home from this really lovely vacation to England... and then - bang, straight to the ruotine of school and college. it was just like so-- frustrating. i got used to wake up at 10am every morning, have a good breakfast, and surf the net. instead of that, i had to wake up at 07:45 and go to classes till 20:00. annoying.

but soon enough you get used to it. unless you have another vacation in the middle and then everything will be messy again. like xmas vacation (hannukah, actually :P).
i guess it depends on each person and his personality. because i have friends who got used to the schooldays very quickly, and others (like me) - who didnt.

so, yeah. that's it. *shrug*

Writer's Block: Love is deaf
Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had horrific taste in music? How important is it to you to share your love of music with a good friend or romantic partner?

oh, wow. well, my taste in music is pretty much unique - it moves from rock, pop, and screamo. sometimes even metal or heavy-metal, i didnt really made up my mind about it.
but! my romantic partner will HAVE to love whatever i love. i dont care if he loves also other stuff (as long as it's not really horrific), but if he doesnt love metallica or, idk, simple plan and linkin park, or even evanescence and within temptation, ill freak out.
beacuse musice is one of the most important things i have; it got me throuhg a lot of difficult times in my life, it was there when my grandma died, or when my sister got married, or when i really was depressed and all i wanted to do was to bury myself in the ground or to run away... music is my life, sometimes. i live in this endless soundtrack (because i always listen to it, always), and it is one of the mose precious things i have.
so, yeah, horrific taste in music might matter when it comes to a good friend or romantic partner. i guess that's why my best friends listen to the kind of music i do. :P

Writer's Block: Toy story
What was your favorite toy when you were a child? Do you still have it? What did it mean to you?

ohmygod, my to as a child? as a matter of a fact when i was very small my parents bought to all of us 3 big, staffed lady-bug dolls, and i used to cuddle with it till i fell asleep. its name was Shush ('u' pronounced as 'oo' in Boot). then, when i grew up, it lay quietly in our closet, and i didnt pay any attention to it. but when my baby-brother was born and turned 5 or 6 i took it out and gave it to him, but then i got a little jealous, and when he became 7 i took it back to myself. *amused*

so nowadays it sits on my desk and stares at me steadily, while i hug it when i watch a horror movie or when i am alone. and sometimes, when my little brother is afraid or just needs a doll, i give it to him.

i think it is part of my childhood, part of the innocence i used to own when i was very young, and i want to preserve this feeling, because it makes me feel like a child all over again, and between you and me, i kind of love it. it makes me think of my times as a child, when i used to go to the living room after i woke up from a bad dream, and seeing my dad there, watching tv made me calm. i loved this feeling then, and i love it now. cause everyone wants to become a child sometimes, all over again. :)


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